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Baccarat Books


Facts of Baccarat, The

Are you coward for playing games but always wanted to try? Go to the site casino freispiele ohne einzahlung play. You will definitely have a fun! Focuses on Nevada-style Baccarat, explaining setting, layout, rules, mathematics and basic betting systems. Also explains European variations of Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer, Glossary of terms, Advice on player psychology and money management.

Craps Books


Forever Craps

Shows how to utilize the 5-count with shooters, who might be controlling the dice and slightly altering the nature of the game. His methods give you staying power so you will be at the table with your bankroll intact when a good roll comes along. He only discusses strategies built on the bets with the lowest casino advantage.

Poker Books


Theory of Poker

A comprehensive and serious textbook about the probability and expected outcome of the game. The reading isn’t recreational, but is good for improving your playing skills. Is one of the most read and accredited poker books in the world.

Slots Books


Secrets of Modern Slot Playing

Thoughtful, lively and intelligent book on slots based on excellent research and extensive personal experience. Does not delve into the topic to any sufficient degree though.

Blackjack Books


Advantage Blackjack

This book introduces a highly simplified count system that anyone can use. In addition, a practical progressive betting system is demonstrated. You don’t need much of a bankroll when you put the power of this method to work.

Gambling Books


Thrifty Gambling

Wonderfully written treatise on the field of gambling. There are charts, diagrams, statistics, and practical information. Many false premises concerning odds and your chance to win at a given game are laid out and explained.

Roulette Books


Get the Edge at Roulette

Most advanced book ever written on roulette and how to actually beat it. Detailed analysis of why all previous betting systems fail at roulette. Excellent discussions of dealer signatures.

Video Poker Books


Victory at Video Poker

Strategies to approach all the various types of video poker machines. Well researched and very important book for those who have never played video poker or have been playing the wrong strategies. Writing style is very professional and at times amusing.

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